These typewriter key rings are made with authentic celluloid keys from turn of the century typewriters. The rings are an oxidized pewter finish with an adjustable back--one size fits all. Priced at only $15 each.


Here is a close-up picture of a typewriter key ring. Notice the expandable back.

As with the typewriter key bracelets, you can special order your ring with any letter or number key that you would like.

Mysts of Avalon small bulletBookmark NEW!
The typewriter key jewlery has been so popular, I've branched out into a new accessory using these vintage keys. These sturdy bookmarks feature one key of your choice. $12.50 each. Jewelry for a book--the perfect gift for a booklover in your life!

The latest typewriter key jewlery being offered is a sterling silver initial pendant with a lacey scalloped edge for $25. A silver-finished bookmark with a Victorian finish for $12.50. Lastly, there is a chunky round oxidized pewter pendant for $14 for one initial or you can get it double-sided with 2 typewriter keys for $25.

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