Some of my favorite The Fifth Choir designs are on piggy banks. I enjoy making these glazed ceramic banks as gifts for children. What a way to start a college fund in style! I give away all of my piggy banks, so right now I don't have many photographs. I will be adding more as friends and relatives continue to populate our planet. As always, if you own one of the dozens of The Fifth Choir designed banks in existence, please send me a photo for inclusion on this page.

Mysts of Avalon small bulletRetro Cloud Pig


This cloud design is one of my favorite designs for any object–from coffee cups to piggy banks. This pig was painted with a Blue Heaven speckled glaze. I especially love the 1940s feel that this ceramic mold has. The side-glancing eyes and red lips give it a retro look. This piggy bank is now a part of the Matthew Brod collection.

Figure 1: The Cloud Patterned Pig

Mysts of Avalon small bulletPretty Pink Pig

This little piggy is for the girls. The various shades of pink and the flowers interspersed with the polka dots give that away! This is the more traditional piggy bank mold. Speaking of giving away, this pig is now a part of the Abby DeBellis collection. Here her brother, Nick, and sister, Reagan, scrap over who is going to present it to her.

Figure 2: The Pink Polka Dotted Pig

Mysts of Avalon small bulletRainy Day Fund Pig

This little piggy also features a darker version of the cloud design. In addition to the retro mold, the red lips, rosey cheeks, and corkscrew tail make this little piggy irresistible. The coin slot is marked "Rainy Day Fund." This pig is now a part of the Nicholas DeBellis collection.

Figure 3: The Rainy Day Fund Pig

Mysts of Avalon small bulletThe Penny for Your Thoughts Pig

This little piggy bank reminds me of Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. This naked piggy only has his polka-dotted ears and penny tail to differentiate him from that character. This mold could have ended up going to the Island of Misfits for having a broken corkscrew, but I saved him by adhering a penny "tails up," of course. This idea was inspired by Eeyore's button tail. The coin slot is marked "For Deposit Only." This pig is now a part of the Reagan DeBellis collection.

Figure 4: The Penny For Your Thoughts Pig

Mysts of Avalon small bulletCheery Cherry Pig

This little piggy is all mine. When I saw this bizarre piggy bank mold with the really round eyes, I had to have it. As I started to gather the paint, the owner of the glazing studio said "Well Melanie, what are you going to do with that? You can't put cherries on it." Wanna bet? Although it doesn't help me save any money, it looks darn cute in my kitchen!

Figure 5: The Cheery Cherry Pig

Mysts of Avalon small bulletPlaid Pig

Saving money is necessary, but keeping it squirreled away in style is a choice. This plaid piggy belongs to Will Reineke.

Figure 6: Plaid Piggy Bank