These necklaces are handmade with the same attention to color and detail as The Fifth Choir lariats and badge holders. Prices vary depending on design and materials used.

Mysts of Avalon small bulletThe Fire Polished Necklace
This 16-inch necklace is so sparkly and fun. The chunky, silvertone toggle clasp can be worn in the front or the back, depending on your mood. Available in green or red for $15.00.

Mysts of Avalon small bulletVintage Chic
This fire-polished silver crystal and grey pearl necklace looks like it came from grandma's jewelry box. It sparkles and shimmers with the refined, aged elegance of a 1950s piece even though it's crafted of all new materials. It would make a beautiful bridal necklace. This necklace is a choker-style and is 15" long, and features a square magnetic clasp for $16.50.


Mysts of Avalon small bulletLilac Splendor
This necklace blends opalescent lilac and antique gold-colored beads with beautiful opaque high-polished natural stones featuring neutral earthtone shades including purple, green, and taupe. This necklace is perfect with a v-neck t-shirt or a daring, dramatic dress. It is 22" long, and features an antiqued goldtone flower and twig clasp for $18.00.


Mysts of Avalon small bulletDivine Design
These flower and branch toggle necklaces are gorgeous. The green one (left) features rectangular olive green glass stones, separated by antique gold and emerald green-colored beads. The brown one (right) features 25 pillow cut, faceted natural tiger's eye beads separated with antique gold-colored beads that perfectly accent the toggle clasp. These necklaces are 16" long, and the clasp can be worn in the front or back.

Green flower toggle necklace: $18.00
Tiger's eye flower toggle necklace: $48.00

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