These typewriter key* bracelets are made with authentic celluloid keys from turn of the century typewriters. In order to combine the old with the new, this featured collection mixes commonly used e-mail abbreviations and punctuation marks with the distinct button keys of yesteryear. Shown in this photo are BTW and LUV, as well as one with numerals (remember when keyboards didn't have the number 1?) The bracelets are available in an oxidized pewter finish or shiny silver tone. You have a choice of the "invisible" fold over or a sturdy toggle clasp.

Priced at $45 each and available with 6 keys or 7 -- your choice!

Mysts of Avalon small bulletKey bracelet #1, By the Way
This bracelet features the following keys: apostrophe, asterisk, B, T, W, question mark, and Back Space.

Mysts of Avalon small bulletKey bracelet #2, Who do we appreciate?
This bracelet features the following keys 2 through 8.

Mysts of Avalon small bulletKey bracelet #3, Love
This bracelet features the following keys: fractions, @, L, U, V, colon, and Mar Rel.

Below are some typewriter key jewelry that are premade and avaialble for immediate shipping. They come with a fold over clasp.

The first bracelet features white keys with black lettering on an antique brass toned bracelet. The second bracelet is black keys with white lettering on a shiny silver toned bracelet. The third bracelet feautres black keys with white lettering and a green Margin Release key in the center. To compliment the bracelet, there are dangle earring with black beads that feature the vintage Back Space and ?/ keys. I'm also adding typewriter key rings to the collection.

* Typewriter keys are limited, so please inquire before placing custom orders.

Mysts of Avalon small bulletSterling Silver Bypass Bangle

These sterling silver bangle bracelets wrap around the wrist and feature 2 typewriter keys of your choice. Imagine the significance of your children's initials, you and your significant other, a milestone birthday (you can chose numbers, too!) These sterling bracelets are flexible enough to fit any size wrist by gently coaxing the wire into shape. However, they are resilient enough, to easily get bent out of shape during use.

These bangles are $50 each.



On the wrist:

Two bypass bracelets that are available for immediate shipment (upon payment) are:

Mysts of Avalon small bulletTotally Tabular - This bracelet features a large black TABULAR key and a smaller black Shift Lock key on a sterling silver bangle bracelet.

Mysts of Avalon small bulletThis Isn't the DMV - This bracelet features black F and U keys on a sterling silver bangle bracelet. You don't need to say it, you just need to be wearing this bracelet and strike a Wonder Woman pose to get your point across with this one!

To order, send me the following information:

1. For a link bracelet, specify 6 or 7 typewriter keys. For sterling bangle, specify 2 keys.

2. Specify black, white, or a mixture for the background of the keys.

3. Specify oxidized or shiny silver finish for the link bracelet. I also have oxidized brass, which matches the rim of some white keys. However, the black keys always have chrome rims and look best with the oxidized silver tone finish.

4. Specify toggle or invisible (fold over clasp). If you do not specify, you will get the invisible clasp.

5. Send check or money order for the price of the bracelet, plus $5 for shipping and handling to the address provided when you e-mail me your order.

E-mail me!Click the envelope to place your order.