About the Artist

Thank you for your interest in my artwork. For now, this site will be a place to showcase my jewelry, stained glass, and mosaic tiling designs. I hope to expand on my craft tutorial pages and continue to develop interesting jewelry designs.

I started making jewelry for gifts and for myself in the early 1990s. Eventually, people became familiar with my work, and started requesting custom pieces and ordering jewelry for gifts. Since I never seemed to have business cards at the ready when asked, I decided to create a Web site where people could come and browse around at their leisure, and contact me with requests or suggestions.

I have a full-time writing career, and I create beautiful jewelry and mosaics more out of passion than for profit. Before I graduated from college, I worked in a number of retail stores, so I know that value of quality merchandise and excellent customer service. I pride myself on my unique artwork and guarantee that each piece is handcrafted by me and that I will process all orders in a timely manner.

Previously, my Web work has been focused on the classic TV show Bewitched, but I have many other interests that I will explore on this site.

When I'm not working on jewelry or the Web, I enjoy spending time with my "furbabies." Chloe is a Sheltie and Cubbie is an Aussie. We live in the Chicago area, and enjoy long walks,watching classic television, playing fetch, and reading.

This is my favorite picture of Chloe and me. It reminds me of this charming Mary Englebreit illustration of her son (Will) and their dog (Rosie).